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The Sagas

ZUNEG currently has 6 musical Sagas across all platforms:

The Saga of the G - Releases 9/15/2023 with pt. 1 "if i should die"


The Vampire/Replicant Saga is a must-listen for fans of science fiction, fantasy, and dark music. It is a powerful and moving work of art that will stay with you long after you have finished listening.
The Saga begins with "...not enough", where a vampire and a replicant fall in love and then eventually go to war with each other. Part 2 of the Saga, "in all of us", is a continuation of that war.
The war culminates in the death of God, leaving humanity with the vampires and replicants as their new rulers.

The Lovers Saga - Missing is a dark and atmospheric exploration of love, loss, and despair. The music is a mix of electronic beats, industrial sounds, and classical instrumentation. The vocals are both haunting and beautiful, and the lyrics are full of pain and longing. Currently, this is ZUNEG's most popular Saga.

The Mother/Son Saga which spans the album "Out of Dust" from the song "Little Black Suit (She Will Die)" to the current trip-hop tribute to Malina called "mom of a boy."


The Lovers Saga - Loss and Shame is an introspection on oneself after the loss of a lover. Currently, all the songs are from the album "Out of Dust". "Out of Dust" is about giving too much of oneself at the expense of oneself. "The Shift" focuses on moving on from the lover for your sake. "I'm That Man" is about not becoming that man who sits at the end of the bar after a breakup.

The Wartime Saga: Death and Blood

A saga that takes real-world war elements and translates them to the past (Doctor's Son) and a future apocalypse (Devil's Dance Club). Doctor's Son is ZUNEG's modern-day answer to the song Fortunate Son. Rather than blaming the politicians for having fortunate sons, the wealthy rock star is blamed. The song "devil's dance club" deals with the long waits during war, followed by bursts of chaos. It sounds like a future apocalypse vision of war during end times.


All Sagas are available in playlists (Spotify) in the order they were recorded. Shuffle play is not recommended.


Current projects are recorded, mixed and mastered at Rainbow Recording Studios in Omaha, NE.

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