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The Lovers Saga - Missing

a dark and atmospheric exploration of love, loss, and despair. The music is a mix of electronic beats, industrial sounds, and classical and electric instrumentation. The vocals are both haunting and beautiful, and the lyrics are full of pain and longing. Currently, this is ZUNEG's most popular Saga.

"it is yours"

a gesture of giving up, of giving someone all of one's heart and soul, even at the expense of oneself. It is the feeling of missing someone so much that you think that if you just give them more of yourself, when there is nothing left, they will want you back.

In the line "our bed, it is yours," ZUNEG is referring to the physical and emotional intimacy that a couple shares. They are essentially saying to their lover, "You can take everything from me, even the place where we made love."

At the end of the song, ZUNEG is so overcome with grief and loneliness that they feel like everything belongs to the other person. They cry out "it is yours" in anger and sadness, as if to say that they have no more control over their own life.

"the house is dead"

ZUNEG's house was dead. The walls were bare, the furniture was gone, and the only sound was the echo of his footsteps. He had come back to the house after his divorce, but it didn't feel like home anymore. The memories of his ex-wife were everywhere, and he couldn't escape the feeling that he had lost everything.

The house was also a reminder of the death of ZUNEG's son's mother. She had passed away a couple of years ago, and ZUNEG had never been able to fully grieve her loss. Now, being back in the house where they had lived together, he felt all the pain and sadness come flooding back.

ZUNEG wandered through the house, aimlessly touching the furniture and walls. He felt like a ghost, haunting the place that had once been his home. He didn't know what to do or where to go. He just felt empty and dead inside.

The ethereal nature of the song and the background elements reflected ZUNEG's emotional state. The song was like a funeral dirge, mourning the loss of his relationship, his son's mother, and his sense of home. It was a dark and haunting song, but it also captured the raw emotion of ZUNEG's grief.


a raw, powerful tale of a woman haunted by childhood sexual abuse. The gritty, authentic sound perfectly complements the visceral lyrics. Through lines like "Black hair, Black eyes, Same brat, Same crap," it portrays the struggle of carrying the weight of trauma and its impact on relationships. Recurring lines, "You're the king of..., You're the queen of..." underscore themes of power and control. But this track isn't about defeat. It's a battle cry for reclaiming life. This isn't just a song, but a conversation starter and a beacon of hope, reminding us our past doesn't define us, and perfection is not the ultimate goal. It's not just a song, but an authentic, evocative experience.


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