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The 5 Sagas

ZUNEG currently has 5 musical Sagas across all platforms:

The Vampire/Replicant Saga songs including "..not enough" in the title. These songs contain the vampire/replicant love story, which also encompasses a battle between the blade runner-esque robot and the gothic vampire.

The Mother/Son Saga which spans the album "Out of Dust" from the song "Little Black Suit (She Will Die)" to the current trip-hop tribute to Malina called "mom of a boy."

The Lovers Saga - Loss and Shame (classical instruments) "Out of Dust" "I'm that Man" "The Shift"

The Lovers Saga - Missing (post-gothic trip hop) "it is yours" "the house is dead" "perfection_is_the_enemy_of_beauty" - the doom choir featuring ZUNEG

The Wartime Saga: Death and Blood

A saga that takes real world war elements and translates them to the past (Doctor's Son) and a future apocalype (silence_is_a_death_sentence). Doctor's Son is ZUNEG's modern day answer to the song Fortunate Son. Rather than blame the politicians for having fortunate sons, the wealthy rock star is blamed. the doom choir song "silence_is_a_death" sentence deals with the long waits during war. Followed by bursts of chaos. A future apocalypse vision of war sounds during end times. 

All Sagas are available in playlists (Spotify) in the order they were recorded. Shuffle play is not recommended.

The Vampire/Replicant Saga has a new release planned in the spring of 2022. This Saga will include instrumental as well as a lyrical release of this song. The Mother/Son and Wartime: Death and Blood saga's both have singles as coming this summer.

Current projects are recorded, mixed and mastered at Rainbow Recording Studios in Omaha, NE.

the doom choir is a child project of ZUNEG. the doom choir is sex. light industrial ambient sounds / post-gothic

The 5 Sagas: About
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