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The 5 Sagas

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

ZUNEG currently has 5 musical Sagas across all platforms:

The Vampire/Replicant Saga songs include "..not enough" in the title. These songs contain the vampire/replicant love story, which also encompasses a battle between the blade runner-esque robot and the gothic vampire.

The Mother/Son Saga spans the album "Out of Dust" from the song "Little Black Suit (She Will Die)" to the current trip-hop tribute to Malina called "mom of a boy."

The Lovers Saga - Loss and Shame (classical instruments) "Out of Dust" "I'm that Man" "The Shift"

The Lovers Saga - Missing (post-gothic trip-hop) "it is yours" "the house is dead" "perfection_is_the_enemy_of_beauty" - the doom choir featuring ZUNEG

The Wartime Saga: Death and Blood A saga that takes real-world war elements and translates them to the past (Doctor's Son) and a future apocalypse (silence_is_a_death_sentence). Doctor's Son is ZUNEG's modern-day answer to the song Fortunate Son. Rather than blame the politicians for having fortunate sons, the wealthy rock star is blamed. the doom choir song "silence_is_a_death sentence” deals with the long waits during the war. Followed by bursts of chaos. A future apocalypse vision of war sounds during end times.

All Sagas are available in playlists (Spotify) in the order they were recorded. Shuffle play is not recommended.

The Vampire/Replicant Saga has a new release planned for the spring of 2022. This Saga will include instrumental as well as a lyrical release of this song. The Mother/Son and Wartime: Death and Blood saga's both have singles coming this summer.

Current projects are recorded, mixed, and mastered at Rainbow Recording Studios in Omaha, NE.

the doom choir is a child project of ZUNEG. the doom choir is sex. light industrial ambient sounds / post-gothic

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